Family Bible pages: Anders and Elsa RAAE (Dec 1867)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Family Bible page 1. Anders RAAE. (Dec 1867). Image courtesy of Lyla Brown.

In remembrance
From Asbjørn and Ragnilde Raae
To Anders and Elsa Raae
December 1867

The greatest wish for you is that this book would not be left unused in a chest, not read, nor be disputed, but most of all that it enlightens all who hear God's truth themselves or others. But that it could show you what is most important is to believe in Jesus Christ. With this wish _____ in God's name. Amen!

Asbjørn H. Raae
Translated by Solveig Quinney
Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library

Family Bible page 2. Anders RAAE. (Dec 1867). Image courtesy of Lyla Brown.

Anders Roe born the 13 September 1844. Baptized the 29 same month. Confirmed the 15 September 1859.

Elsa born the 9 November, baptized the 25 December 1844, confirmed Palm Sunday 1859.

Married the 27 November 1866.

Family Bible page 3. Anders RAAE. (Dec 1867). Image courtesy of Lyla Brown.

Enterprise, August the 12th 1871

Augustus Julian born the 15 August 1868. Baptized the first November same year.

Alfred born the 2nd February 1871. Baptized the 5th May same year.


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