Raa Farm 1905

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Raa Farm (1905). Image courtesy of Ingebrigt Rå. Photo by Vincent D. Williams (9 May 1986).

During Vincent Williams' 1986 sabbatical Vince and Verla met her distant cousin Ingebrigt Rå who currently farms on the Rå farm near Lærdal. He had a picture hanging on his wall of the farm in 1905. The above image is Vince's picture of the picture. This same image can be found in the Lærdal Bygdebok II (Espe 1990: 347).

Below is a picture of the farm in 1986.

Rå farm (9 May 1986). Image courtesy of Verla Williams.


Courtney Rowe said...

My name is Courtney Rowe. I am a descendant of Anders Olsson Raa - he would be my great-great-great-great grandfather. I am the granddaughter of Julian Rowe, who was the son of Harry Leroy Rowe, who was the son of Anders (Andrew) Larsson Raa, whose grandfather was Anders Larsson Raa. My father, Steve Rowe, passed away in 2013. I currently reside on the original homestead (house is rebuilt) in St Lawrence twp on Elm Valley Road. I believe Lars Andersson Raa was the first of my ancestors to reside and farm there. I am very new to geanealogy, and I am trying to figure out how we would be related to the Roe family of Portage County. I was amazed to find the photos and information about the Raa Farm in Laerdal. Thank you for the collection of photos and information!
Courtney Rowe

Mark D. Williams said...

Hi, Courtney. So nice to make your acquaintance. Anders Olsen Raae is also my 4x great grandfather (through two lines of descent) which I believe would make us 5th cousins.

Anders Olsen Raae had a brother named Halvor. Halvor's son, Asbjørn, married Anders' daughter, Ragnhild (his first cousin) and left Norway with his family in 1852. They settled in Portage County, WI, and built (we think) the octagonal barn that used to be on that property. Asbjørn's son, Anders, moved to Jackson County, MN, which is where my Roe ancestors lived.

See this post. There is a chart there that may make make some of the relationships more clear.

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