Lars and Kari RAAE

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kari Olsdtr (Groethe) and Lars Andersen RAAE. Image courtesy of Courtney ROWE (Facebook 2 Sep 2017).

According to Espe (1990: 367), Lars Andersen RAAE (b. 1814) was the fourth child of Anders Olsen RAAE and Ragnilde Knudsdtr Moe, and he married a Kari Olsdtr RAAE. From some of the records we already have we can discover a little more.

From the Parish Emigration records, we learn that Lars was born on 4 Sep 1814, and that Kari was born on 30 Oct 1813. Finally from the Passenger list of the Bjørgvin we see that in 1852 they migrated to America with four children: Synneve, David, Christi, and Anders.

Courtney ROWE, a 3x great granddaughter of Lars and Kari, posted the above picture on 2 Sep 2017 labeled as Lars and Kari (Groethe) Raa. Also Courtney's family tree shows that Kari had a previous husband named David Nilsson (1808-1843) and that Synneve and Christi were their daughters. Only David and Anders were sons of Kari and Lars.


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