Rå Farm 1975-1986

Monday, April 25, 2011

Vincent and Verla Williams traveled to Norway in 1975 with Verla's sister, Sharon, and her husband, Dalen Asche. They also were there in 1986 during Vince's sabbatical as mentioned above. During both trips they visited Lærdal and the Rå farm.

Sharon Asche by a house at the Rå farm (1975). Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

Verla Williams in front of a barn at the Rå farm (1975). Image courtesy of Vince Williams.

Verla and Jené Williams, Ingebrigt and Tove Rå in front of their home (9 May 1986). Photograph by Vincent Williams.


Mark D. Williams said...

According to a genealogical chart compiled by Gerhard Naeseth, Verla Williams and Ingebrigt Rå are 4th cousins.

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