Halvor Olsen RAAE (1771-1843)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ole Halvorsen Raae and his wife Jesa followed Norwegian tradition and named their oldest son, Halvor, after his paternal grandfather. Halvor's birth and baptism were recorded in the Lærdal parish records on 15 Jul and 10 Aug 1771 respectively.

Detail of Sogn og Fjordane fylke, Lærdal, Ministerialbok nr. A 2 (1752-1782), Fødte og døpte 1771, side 179. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

The Minister's book for Hafslo parish contains the marriage record for Halvor Olsen Raae and Anna Asbiørnsdtr Opheimshaug. In the column under Copúlation, the third entry for Halvor and Anna is for the "same day" as the entry above which is dated 29 Apr 1810.

Detail of Sogn og Fjordane fylke, Hafslo, Ministerialbok nr. A 3 (1807-1821), Kronologisk liste 1810, side 9. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet. A search for Halvor Olsen Raae also returns this digital record.

Espe (1990: 362) lists Halvor and Anna's four children as follows: (1) Ole (1811-1887), who took over the farm and married Elsa Nilsdtr Bø; (2) Asbjørn (1813-1890), who married his first cousin Ragnilde Andersdtr Raae; (3) Anders (1816- ), who married Metta Finnsdtr Rikheim; and (4) Halvor (1821- ), who married Ingrid Baardsdtr M. Ljøsno. Laberg (1938: 293) adds a sister, Jesa, but provides little else about her.

I found it strange that the Lærdal parish register recorded the deaths of both Halvor and Anna on the same day, 3 Nov 1843, with burials on the 9th.

Detail of Sogn og Fjordane county, Lærdal, Parish register (official) nr. A 9 (1835-1857), Death and burial records 1843, page 30. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

This would seem to suggest some sort of accident. However, both Laberg and Espe state that Anna died in 1848. And the Lærdal parish records do show another Anna Asbjørnsdtr Raae's death on 26 Oct 1848 at 73 years of age with burial on 2 Nov.

Detail of Sogn og Fjordane fylke, Lærdal, Ministerialbok nr. A 9 (1835-1857), Døde og begravede 1848, side 53. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

So this leaves us with the question of who was the Anna that died the same day as Halvor? Time will tell if we can solve this mystery.


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